Dartrkunk exists as a physical Record Label (DKK Records) and Recording Studio (Forbidden City Studios)in St Marys Tasmania.

Over the last 10 years the studio has had, like so many  on the road several different locations, growing in size right the way through this  period of time.

Presently it's located nearby to the St Mary's township in a discreet location not more than 15 minutes from downtown.

In an otherwise normal rural environment Forbidden CIty Studios operates from 6 by 3.8 meter room containing a control room, vocal booth and smaller rehearsal space. The Studio has only just relocated from Beijing and so full studio facilities in studios B and C will be developed during 2020, This website will carry updates on that.

Darktrunk though physically situated in its Headquarters on Tasmania's east coast shares  Artwork and Design from Northern Australian Artist Levan Stanes alongside Drumming and production from Habitat69 in Melbourne Australia.

During 2020 Darktrunk's facility will offer both mobile recording options right the way through Tasmania and also offer recording facilities for those who want to travel and spend time on Tasmania's East Coast and record their new album or project. Updates to come on this.



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State-of-the-Art Equipment

Professional Engineer

Comfortable Environment

Forbidden City Studios uses Allen and Heath Mixers alongside Waves Soundgrid via Impact Server and UAD apollo all interfaced within Logic Pro X, Cubase 10.5 Ableton 10 Studiolive 4.5 and Harrison Mixbus 32C-5
Presently using Allen & Heath Zed R16 the studio is moving into its new Allen & Heath for the new St Marys premises.
An array of professional quality studio microphones including ISK 5000 and Behringer Bm 5000 condenser microphones, Shure SM58 alongside Audio-Technica and Sennheiser Blackfire dynamic microphones.
The outboard gear is diverse ranging from Zoom R8's to R16 alongside Komplete Kontrol S25, M-audio 88 Ableton Live's Push 2, Vox's Valvetronix guitar board and an array of mic pre amps additional to the great pre's on the main mixing board. 8 Channel Headphone mixing board
Monitors being used are M-Audio BX8a alongside Yamaha HS5M and M-audio Studiopro 3 and AKG headphones
Software has been mentioned, but as listed Cubase 10.5, Nuendo 10, Ableton Live 10, Presonus Studiolive 4.5, Harrison Mixbus 32c-5 and Logic Pro X
Yamaha Electric drum, Fender Squire Bullet Pass Special bass, Gibson SG, Gibson L6S, Godin Ultra A6, Cort acoutic, Ibanez Talman semi acoustic, Epiphone Wildcat, Fender Jazzmaster, Epiphone 335, Fender Strat copy, Glen Burton 335, Maton CW80, Breadlove Travel Guitar, Pedal Steel, 6 string Banjo, Yamaha Trumpet