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Presently based on Tasmania's east coast area, the Studio works by appointment on weekdays and is open for business daytime 11am-5pm on weekends.

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STUDIO TIME: $45 per hour (Engineer incl.)

Rates with an engineer begin at $45 per hour for solo artists.  As indicated this rate includes an Engineer.  Rates can be negotiated and tailored to special needs without an Engineer. Both PC and Mac are used at Darktrunk Recording.

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MIXING: Call for a Quote

Mixing rates can vary depending on the nature or scope of the Project being mixed. Is it a band, an acoustic performer, a voice over or jingle. As we  develop this website a full schedule of rates will be published to meet any Project's needs.

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MASTERING: $30 per song

As indicated Mastering  has a rate of $30 dollars for a 4 minute song (under is the same flat price while songs over 4 minutes increase by $5 per minute. Mastering presently is software Mastering, however during the latter part of '22 this will be augmented with outboard hardware.

MUSIC PRODUCTION: Call for a Quote

Whatever your production needs be it from recording a demo or rehearsal  or for recording an album, or jingle or Film Soundtrack and a variety of other recording needs Darktrunk Recording can offer a quote per your needs.

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