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A range of Artists have recorded with Darktrunk in Beijing where the studio was formerly located. We're opening up now and hope to fill the list with many local artists from both Tasmania and also the large island across the Strait.


Steve BLaque

Steve Blaque has been recording and producing songs since ways back in the 1990's and though not recording any more has produced most of his work with Darktrunk. We've procured Magnolia as a sample of his work. Recorded at Darktrunk in Tasmania.

The Radiance

The Radiance were recorded between 2016-2018 in Beijing where Darktrunk operated for almost 19 years.

Astin J Sullivan

Astin Sullivan dropped in to the studio during her visit to China in 2013 and recorded several of her own tracks alongside working with Steve Blaque. For now here's her original song Tired of Feeling the Sad.

Evets Chan
Evets Chan.gif

Evets Chan is a dialogue recording artist from Texas who specializes in short story, video narration and eulogy presentation.

Tess Tanner

Tess Tanner recorded at Darktrunk in 2021 and 2022 in St Marys and here are samples of songs she's still working on. For now her latest recording at Darktrunk is Know it's True.

The Bobsters

The Bobsters recorded remotely during the Pandemic of '21. Steinberg's VST Connect propelled several recordings and Fade to Black is one of them.

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